Thursday, June 26, 2014

Ask Pynk! 2nd Edition


Q. My partner does not like oral sex, and it is a little weird because he has had it done to him in the past, but he does not want it from me.  Should I be concerned?

A. No, you shouldn't be concerned because surprisingly it's a few men in the world that don't feel like wife's and/or girlfriends should do such acts. They have this belief it should only be reserved for those "other" girls. Now if you're like me and oral sex is something you enjoy giving, talk to him find out what's the problem ,and if he is willing to compromise. When talking to him, be calm, listen, and be understanding. If you need additional help please email me at

Q. Sometimes I feel emotional after sex and may cry or feel like I need to, I'm not an emotional person but is that normal?

A. Depends, MOST females are emotional by design but to determine if the emotions are good or bad, certain questions need to be answered like... Are you happy, sad, or indifferent? Do the tears only come with one person? Is it every time with this one person? If not, what what happens before these tears? 
Now if you are happy, the person is someone you're in love with, and this only started after you fell in love this yes it's normal. If not, then no and write back with answers to those questions if it turns out you aren't

Q. I'm tired of the normal things, I want to try some different things with my partner. What are your suggestions?

A. Giggles, where do I start? I don't know you definition of normal but I will say new locations are always a winner. And when I say new locations I mean outside of the home. Spontaneity is great like oral sex in weird places, sex messages, strip teases, randomly is all good. Now I will say check back next month I will a whole article to this topic. 

Q. I've heard of the ABC trick with giving a woman head, but what is this ABC trick to giving a man head?

A. It's not an ABC trick to giving a man oral sex but I would tell you to read the post Oral Examination.

Q. Do men have a Gspot or an equivalent? 

A. Yes, it's their prostate. To stimulate this, rest two fingers against the area of skin between his testicles and his anus apply pressure rapidly and BAM!

Q. My partner wants sex alot more than I do, should I just give in just because?

A. No, sex is only enjoyable when both parties are enjoying the act. 

If you have any questions please send them to

-Happy Fucking!!